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Trail Report: Friday, January 17, 2020

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Minnesota and North Dakota are experiencing snow and blowing snow. It is predicted 5-9 inches of new snow will blanket the area today through tomorrow.  This is in addition to the 6+ inches of snow received earlier in the week.  Groomers were out all week and riders are reporting excellent trail conditions.

Caution: The club received a report of an approximate 5-mile portion of a trail that has been plowed. The area is located west of Itasca State Park on Trail 33 going south from Highway 113 to intersection F58 to F57 and east 2 miles on Trail 18. Today's snowfall should help make this area easier to travel. Please use caution when riding this portion of the trail.

Reminder: USXC Heartland 200 Race is Saturday and Sunday, January 18-19! Portions of eastern trails will be closed on Saturday and Sunday through late afternoon each day. Check out the race route map shown on January 14 trail report. Please plan to use alternate trails during these time periods. Groomers will be out grooming the race route trails after the race.


Thank you to our dedicated groomers for the long hours spent making the FRSC trails an outstanding and enjoyable trail system in our winter wonderland!

Trail Report: Tuesday, January 14, 2020

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The area received 3+ inches of snow Monday night to Tuesday morning. Our groomers have been out on the trails the last couple of days. Here is the tentative grooming schedule for this week.

The weather forecast is predicting snowfall accumulations for tonight and Wednesday in the range of 3-5 inches. Heavier snowfall is predicted for Friday and Saturday.

With the upcoming snowfall, it is usually the club's practice to groom in the woods first, and then the ditches and open areas last (to allow for the plows to go through and people to clear their driveways). This week they will do what they can and also prepare to groom in conjunction with the USXC race.


USXC Heartland 200 Race - Saturday and Sunday, January 18-19! Join the excitement and watch the race along the route! Starting Wednesday, race route markers are being posted on the trails. FRSC trails will be open through Friday. Portions of our trails will be closed on Saturday and Sunday until early afternoon and open again later in the afternoon. Please refer to the race route map and plan your snowmobile rides accordingly.


Trail Report: Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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With the considerable amount of snow, the riders have been out hitting the trails hard! The club's new Piston Bully groomer is here and is out working the trails along with the club's two other groomers...we are back in full force now! The trails are setting up nicely and the arrival of cold temperatures helps too. Please note, any changes to the grooming routes will be posted on our Facebook page.

A big thank you to the guys grooming and making for another weekend of spectacular riding!

 FYI: Map Sponsor #10 - Itasca C-Store (formerly Itasca Junction) no longer sells gas.
 Lakes are still unpredictable and may not be safe!


Trail Report: Monday, December 30, 2019

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It is a winter wonderland receiving 12+ inches on the Forest Riders trail system! Our groomers are out making the trails ready for snowmobiling fun!

  • Trails 16 and 17 were groomed last night.
  • The Two Inlets Forest will be done today along with the trails heading to Park Rapids.
  • Trail 32 (Scout Trail, Pine Lake Forest Road, Coon Lake Trail) and Trail 42 (Halverson Lake) are being groomed today.
  • Itasca State Park trails will be groomed on Tuesday.
  • We have one groomer being worked on but our new groomer will be here later this week! The remaining trails will be done in the next three days.

CAUTION: With the heavy snow, there have been a few fallen trees on the trail...BE CAREFUL!  If you find one on a trail, please contact us on our Facebook page. The groomers will get to them while grooming. Fallen trees were reported on these trails:

∗ One on Halverson Lake Trail
∗ One on Pine Lake Forest Road
∗ One east of Clancy's at Vacationaire
More information will be posted later this week. Be safe and have fun!

Trail Report: Friday, December 21, 2019

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Merry Christmas from the Forest Riders Snowmobile Club!

Groomers have been out this week, and all Forest Riders trails and the trail to Wolf Lake have been groomed. Riders are reporting great trail conditions! The forecast is showing a possibility of snow after Christmas. ∗∗Think Snow!∗∗

Enjoy your Christmas with friends and family, and have an awesome time on the trails!

New this year! As you ride the trails, you will see the addition of new GREEN highway/road signs. These new signs have been added to major trail/road crossings, so when you are not at a marked intersection you will know where you are on the trail.

Trail Report: Wednesday, December 18, 2019

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The groomers plan on grooming all of the FRSC trail system this week. They will groom up to, or around, but not across swamps (some sleds are crossing swamps). Lakes are still very unpredictable. The forecast shows NO snow for a week.


Grooming Schedule - Week of December 16:

Monday - Two Inlets to Spikes (Trail #21 and parts of Trail #11) and Hungry Man to Island Lake (Trail #22)

Tuesday - County Roads 89 and 4 (Trails #25, #24, #31); Two Inlets to Park Rapids (Trails #11, #19, #35), Portage Lake (Trail #17)

Wednesday - Two Inlets to Ice Cracking (Trails #18 and #14)

Thursday - Two Inlets to Osage and Wolf Lake (Trails #13 and #5)

The rest of the routes TBD and updates will be posted on Facebook and this website.

Please remember to stay on groomed trails! Private property owners have given their permission for the trail to go across their property. The club doesn't want to lose any part of our wonderful trail system.

Caution: Trail #22 (Hungry Man) has been revised and rerouted north of the lake to Trails #21 and #11. Please follow new trail markers.

Be safe and have fun riding the trails!

Trail Grooming Update: Friday, December 13, 2019

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Two Inlets Trail photo courtesy of Jim Formanek

Rolled: Most all of trails in FRSC trail system

Trails groomed: N Hwy 71, County 89, Halverson, Scout, Coon Lake-Pine Forest-Spider Lake Roads, 7-mile, and Bemidji trails

Itasca Park - once around with roller and once with groomer

There is a fresh 2-3 inches of snow on the trails and still coming down Friday morning!

Lakes are not entirely ready. If we can get some help to let us know when they are safe, it would be great. It’s early season ride…BE SAFE!

Caution! There is a big tree down on Alligator trail between Emmaville and Vacationaire.

Check the Forest Riders Snowmobile Club Facebook page for additional posts and photos!

Trail Report: Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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The area received another 6 inches of snow this weekend, and the groomers are out again this week rolling and packing the trails!  The frigid temperatures are helping set up the packed snow too.  Even though this week's temperatures will help with ice formation on the area lakes, please be aware that the amount of snow received the last week or so has slowed down the freezing process.  Lakes and swamps are still not ideal!  Use extreme caution and be safe!

It looks like the forecasted temperatures will be ideal for a weekend of fun on the trails...enjoy!!

Trail Report: Wednesday, December 4, 2019

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Snow has arrived!  The area received from 7 to 12 inches of snow. The trail gates are open and the groomers are rolling the trails this week.

The Forest Riders Snowmobile Club members were busy this fall working on clearing trees and putting up reassurance markers and new signs on the trails.

There have been some changes where trails have been realigned in a few locations. As you use the trails, please pay attention to signage that show trail reroutes. Refer to the club's new trail map for trail revisions. The 2019-2022 trail maps are available at our sponsoring businesses.

Enjoy our trails and be safe!

Trail Report: Friday, February 22, 2019

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Ideal snowmobiling conditions continue on the trail system.  The area received another 4 inches on Wednesday...this seems to be a weekly or bi-weekly occurrence, which makes it great for snowmobiling!  Probably a good idea to carry a rope!

Groomers have put in long hours this week maintaining the trails and will wrap it up today.  Just in time for snowmobilers to take advantage of the spectacular trail system.  Remember to stop in and support our local business sponsors!

If you haven't done so already, make plans to participate in the club's charity event - Hospice Raffle Ride!  Proceeds go for a great cause - CHI St. Joseph's Hospice Care!

With our raffle ride less than 2 weeks away.  Plan your routes early! Follow our event for more details.