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Forest Riders Snowmobile Club


Trails are in excellent shape and all of the Forest Rider's Trails should be completely groomed by tomorrow. The weather looks like it will be favorable for riding so hopefully you can get out and enjoy!

HEARTLAND RACE JANUARY 29-30! Click on for Race Map.


Warning! Trail 12 is CLOSED between intersection F55 & F08. Also the small section of Trail 11 between F08 + F79, due to water. Green Line is the detour using the forest road.


What a great way start the New Year - We have snow and the trails should be fully groomed by today and ready for a great weekend of riding.

You will still need to be very cautious when riding the lakes and swamps due to the heavy snow and flooding.

Stay safe & enjoy the great outdoors!

This photo is a blast from the past - we are not quite there yet, but getting close!


Yes we have snow!! Over the last couple days we have received 12+ inches and it is still snowing today. The groomers started yesterday and it is slow going but they will do as much as they can in the next couple days. There are three groomers out today and trying to get it done!

FYI, driving a vehicle on a groomed trail is illegal and also very dangerous, be aware of where you are driving or riding. Please be very cautious riding on lakes and swamps, there will be flooding with all of this heavy snow.

The groomer driving and his assistant are having a little fun today. Enjoy the snow and be safe!

December 17, 2021


Within the last week we have had temperatures into the 40's which caused loss of snow and open areas on swamps and lakes. Wednesday night we received some rain and then 2-4 inches of snow and a lot of wind. The trails will be very icy in spots, lakes and swamps are still very questionable. Be aware that some of trails have not been packed because of being unable to cross swamps. The cooler weather will help if it continues, but we really need more snow for a safe and enjoyable experience. Be patient, winter will come!

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